Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Region of Champions

Hello Black and Gold Family,
Wherever in the world you are, this is a time of reflection for us all. I know, there's a Super Bowl to be played, and another championship to be won. Stairway to Seven. I suggest that the championship has already been won. How? We have a team that exemplifies all that we are in this region and beyond: Champions.

This region is the place where sacred rivers meet to form a third that feeds the soul waters of a hemisphere. This is the place where an entire revolution was forged and wars were won. I congratulate the Pittsburgh Steelers for their talent, versatility, humility, faith, and determination. I also congratulate Steelers Nation, no matter where you are on the earth. This team is you, my brothers and sisters. They are you.

Do we make mistakes? Yes, and we take responsibility for them, too. We don't always get a fair shake, but we don't let that stop us. We are like a phoenix, rising out if its own ashes to rebuild, reinvent, rediscover is our team. Our teams are a reflection of us.

We expect greatness, we get it because we expect it. We fight, kick, and scratch for every bit for as long as we does our team. Those men reflect what we inspire, and in turn, they inspire us. It is a symbiotic relationship. The Steelers have a foundation of the Rooney family, a coaching staff of tireless warriors, and a team of steel giants. I have news for you: so are you.

You, Steelers Nation have sacrificed and fought and built and thrived in some of the worst conditions imaginable to build a global world that understands the meaning of sacrifice and solidarity. We built ships, barges, unions, and green initiatives. We helped win wars, and even stopped a few along the way. We fight to honor our elders and our children because we know every person makes a contribution. Black and gold is not just our team colors, it is a symbol of who we are.

Our hands are blackened with work and sweat, but we don't complain. We sacrifice and struggle, but we get up and keep fighting. We have mined coal, dug ditches, climbed poles, changed diapers, stocked gunpowder and raised our fists high. We may have been afraid, but we never ran. We have died for what we believe. We have stood proud when victorious. We have prayed for winners and strugglers. We let go of regrets.

Our hearts are pure gold. Yellow means illumination and enlightenment, hope and constancy. We are black and gold. We are introspective, hard-working, and hearts of pure delight. We are the embodiment of passion.

This is who WE are. This is who the Steelers are. We are all one family. We always have been.
Where we are, goes the walk of champions. We are strong, and our teams reflect that, from little league and high school to college and professional sports.

They are us, Champions. They are we. Celebrate today. Celebrate every day. We are living the dream.

Falcon and Dove

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