Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stay Warm-Tips for Bundling Up

Hello World Family,
Falcon here with some tips to help you stay safe and warm this weekend in these frigid temperatures. Many of you work outside in this brutal weather, and you probably know how to keep yourself warm. Lots of you in the US may be outdoors for the AFC Championship in Pittsburgh, or the NFC Championship in Chicago. Let me tell you, it is going to be very cold with some significant winds at times, so here's some tips to keep your fingers and toes attached:)

One: dress in layers. Now, I know you all dress in layers, but here's the thing: in this case, natural fabrics may be your enemy. Cotton and fleece hold on to moisture, and that means when you sweat, you stay wet. That will make you feel colder. Get out the wool, or the wicking insulated long johns to stay warm (you pick your brand), and you will be much more comfortable.

Two: take a piece of carpet or cardboard around 18-24 inches square with you to your outdoor tailgate or to the game to stand on. That will keep your feet warmer...really.

Three: wear gloves, not mittens to keep fingers warmer and safer. I know it is harder to hold cider;) when you have on mittens, but think of the years of pleasure those fingers will give you when you protect them.

Four: Cover your head with multiple layers, too. Cover ears with one layer, then a close fitting hat, and then your black and gold Steelers hat for the additional adornment you may need to wear during this frigid weekend:D

Five: Wear a thick, insulating coat over your multiple layers of warmth. Down feather coats are good, long wool coats, or down alternative. A scarf is mandatory.

Six: put hand warmers in your gloves and boots. I have even put one up around the back of my neck between the coat and scarf. This provides warmth on a significant pressure point that will help to warm your entire body. When you put on the hand warmers, make sure that a part of them touches the inside of your wrists (as long as it is comfortable). Again, touching pressure points that keep you cool in summer, but warm in winter.

This is a tip that most of you won't want to hear but...don't drink alcohol. I know, a waste of time, but seriously, it really isn't good in weather like this. Beer is better than hard liquor. If you're going to have a nip, scotch is better than just about anything else. (Note: This is Falcon's personal opinion, and should not be associated with any health tip whatsoever.)

DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE. Please, people...have a designated driver, get a taxi, call a friend...just don't get behind the wheel and drive if you have been drinking. Seriously.

Enjoy your activities safely and securely. Keep you limbs happy and GO STEELERS! I mean, have fun this weekend...yeah, that's it...

Falcon and Dove

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