Monday, November 15, 2010

Reusable Bags from Popular Retailers May Contain Lead

Hello World Family,
Do you have a reusable bag from Whole Foods, Walmart, Target, Winn-Dixie, etc.? If so, it may be contaminated with lead. Yes, lead!!! The more decoration on the outside of the bag, the more likely it is contaminated. Less decoration means reduced lead levels. You may wonder why there is lead in them at all...well, China has a play in this one.

Apparently, there are no regulations concerning lead paint use in bags intended for food use, and many of these bags come from China. What should you do? Don't use them.

I know...that sucks.

How was this discovered? Researchers in Tampa, FL

Put the bags away, and go back to using recycled paper bags, that can be used again.
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