Monday, April 19, 2010

Dear Mr. Rooney: Ben Must Go

An Open Letter to the Rooney Family and The Pittsburgh Steelers:

Dear Mr. Rooney,
The mother and daughter team known as Falcon and Dove, born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA ask you to consider our following thoughts:

First, we applaud your caution and restraint during the period of heightened examination of the Steelers organization, and of a couple of players in particular. You have not escalated the media circus, and we appreciate that.

Secondly, we would like to mention that we recognize that this has been a difficult time, an we know that you have struggled with decisions concerning some of our most prominent and successful players, and some off the field behavior that has called their conduct into question. In the matter of Ben Roethlisberger, we humbly ask that you let him go from this franchise to pursue his career elsewhere. We understand that there are contract considerations, and we respect whatever solution you deem fit working in tandem with others to come to an equitable outcome, but for the sake of the Pittsburgh Steelers organization, Ben must move on.

Our reasons are: we simply do not trust this man to do the job he is in this city to do. We do not trust his moral code, and more alarmlingly, he seems to be able to cajole other men to become co-conspirators in his breech of conduct; whether in covert or overt acts, or by simple measures of denial-this is most disturbing.

The kind of leadership we expect of members of the Pittsburgh Steelers is high. We do not believe that Ben has exhibited an full understanding of that fact, and he seems more interested in being able to lie and deny, whether it is underaged coeds that he is buying drinks for, (apparently to take advantage of them), or to media, he shows a complete disregard for the high standards of this organization. He doesn't belong here.

We feel that he can make a better start elsewhere, learn from his mistakes, and hopefully, get help for what is apparently a compulsive and vile dysfunction.

Charlie Batch is a fine football player, and a good quarterback. He could be a great quarterback if given the chance. We know that during the draft, you and the organization will recruit players of high caliber and moral conduct, who understand what is expected of them. It is more important to have a great team of character that can win Super Bowls than a team of low conduct with a good win-loss record.

Thank you for your continued leadership.
Falcon and Dove

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