Tuesday, March 9, 2010

SWPA Flooding Concerns: Tips for Everyone

Hello Family,
As you know, a slow moving stormfront can play havoc for us here in Southwestern PA. We are expecting some rain for the next few days, and that along with rising temperatures has the National Weather Service, and some local officials concerned that flooding could occur.

Falcon has some tips for EVERYONE, regardless of where you live, because stationary water and stormwater runoff are a problem everywhere.

First- if you live in a flood prone area, clear your basement or ground floor of as many valuables as you can.
Keep fresh water bottles on hand ( enough for 3 days or more) and have food, medicines, etc. on higher ground and bagged to keep moisture out.

Second-make a pass through your property and community today while it is dry. Remove loose debris from areas where is could collect in rising waters and become a real problem. Check the sewers in your neighborhood. Make sure they are clear of debris and trash. Those items could block sewers, cause streets to pond and put lives at risk. It could also cause water to back up into basements and yards.

Three-get sandbags for areas around your home prone to flooding.
Get battery operated radios or crank radios and chargers in case the power goes out.
Keep a medical kit for cuts and bruises handy. Check flashlights, and CHARGE YOU MOBILE PHONES!!! Keep them charged.

Four-let family and friends know where you are and what you are doing. Social networking is very handy for that. If you haven't heard from someone, when you safely can, check on them, particularly if they are elderly or living alone.

For more information on what you should have in case of an emergency, go to:


Peace, and stay safe.
Falcon and Dove

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