Thursday, February 25, 2010

Clapton, Daltrey Tour Starts in The Burgh Tonight! Best Rock Guitarists of all Time

Hello World Family,
The Eric Clapton/Roger Daltrey Tour begins today in Pittsburgh, PA. We are extremely happy here in Pittsburgh, since Clapton has chosen us 3 times to begin his tours. The Clapton/Beck shows last week were FANTASTIC! Falcon doesn’t expect these shows to be any different. Clapton seems to be pulling out some real treats from deep in the archives, and the shows should be spectacular. See this tour if you can!

On the subject of rock guitar gods, once again discussion has risen about the best of the best. We are talking about just the genre of rock, ‘cause we would be here for years discussing all the greats. We could go on for hours about the greats of rock alone.

Here are a dozen of Falcon’s favorites, not in any particular order…except one.


1. Jimi Hendrix-he is number one, and there will never be his equal. This I am certain. He was innovative, self taught, creative, profound, technically masterful, soulful, beautiful…died too soon.

The rest of the list, again, not in any particular order because they are all exquisite masters:

Jimmy Page

Eric Clapton

Jeff Beck

Robert Johnson-he is on this list because I believe that the true father of the rock movement in guitar mastery is Robert Johnson.

Steve Howe

Robin Trower

Duane Allman

Stevie Ray Vaughn-played the best solo I have ever heard live in my life!

Carlos Santana

Chuck Berry

Jerry Garcia

(this list could have had a hundred guitar players on it)

Keith Richards

Nancy Wilson (Heart)

Kirk Hammett

Eric Johnson

Randy Rhoads

Lita Ford

Trevor Rabin (for playing all the Yes stuff he had to master, playing with Manfred Mann, and all those film soundtracks-he’s just as good a pianist as a guitar player…and yes, I mean pianist, not keyboard player)

Pete Townsend

B.B.King-has played with enough rock artists to be in this category-would be in the top ten of guitarists of all time in any genre

Richie Blackmore

Dick Dale (surf guitar)

Joan Armatrading (new CD ‘This Charming Life” comes out in March 2010)

If you are unfamiliar with any of these legendary artists, check them out online and buy some music!


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