Tuesday, October 27, 2009

HFCS Sucks! Industry: STOP using it!!!

Hey World Family,
This is a Falcon and Dove combined rant. We are going to say something simple, yet powerful when combined with direct action: World: stop eating, using ANY products with high fructose corn syrup in it.

Industry: stop making excuses about something that is vile and dangerous where you make gross profits and people (and animals, bees more specifically) are getting sick and dying. There is no excuse for this selfish, morally bankrupt behavior. There are other ways to make money-poisoning people is not the way to do it.

Just to be clear: Falcon and Dove have never embraced this Frankenstein-ian product. There has been study after study (mostly outside the U.S. since food additives don’t have to pass muster with FDA) that shows HFCS compromises liver function, and possibly other organs. How important is this? Well, if your liver isn’t functioning properly (removing toxins and recycling red blood cells every 120 days), creatine levels can rise, and its harder to oxygenate the body. If you can’t get enough oxygen, your entire body suffers: brain, heart, lungs, the full monty. That increases other health difficulties: asthma, diabetes (HFCS is THE contributing factor for this one beyond sedentary lifestyle and simple, non-nutritious white carb consumption), kidney malfunctions (since those who consume a lot of HFCS also don’t get enough water, on average), and other health deficits. When heated (like inside your body), it creates a carcinogen.

In addition to the already ridiculous amount of evidence that this is a singularly awful additive choice, studies have also shown that mercury showed up in 50% of common products tested. This is probably due to the caustic soda that is commonly contaminated with mercury from the chlorine industry (stay with me), and then used as an additive in food products. Although that process is to be curved completely by 2012, we aren’t there yet. Legislation to correct this vile practice was introduced by a young senator who is now our president: Barack Obama.

The fact that the industry actually ran a campaign of commercials asking American to keep using and consuming this filth really shows the lack of human decency that this industry shows for consumers. We all know that cheaper products will be filled with HFCS and other additives that together create a time bomb for the people who consume it. Oh, and by the way, the fact that the health care industry hasn’t climbed all over this and demanded that changes be made shows their collusion in this awful cycle of stupidity.

All this is about profit and sacrificing certain populations as expendable for the sake of profits: people with more money can buy at stores whose food comes from healthier, organic, and sustainable sources. The poor have far less options.



Falcon knows of several companies who have done just that. A lot of products are now labeled: no high fructose corn syrup. Our suggestion is that you work with other companies as consumers and ask…no, DEMAND that they remove this from their products. Buy products without this additive.

World Family, you and your children cannot afford to consume this trash. It’s not worth it. Demand that your grocer, your gas station, your dollar store, etc. get food that is safe for you to consume. Demand it.

This is why every person with the tiniest bit of earth should begin to grow their own food, work with others in your community to grow your own food, and create sustainable networks to get wholesome food.
It is time for a revolution, Brothers and Sisters. It’s been time.

Want more information on this subject? Check out your favorite search engine, or go to the websites below:



Protect your health, World Family. Defend your right to have food without additives known to hurt and kill. It’s your life. After all, what else do you have that’s more important than your life and health?
Falcon and Dove

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