Thursday, July 16, 2009

Second Sight has Special Message of Love and Remembrance

Hello World Family,
Falcon with a special message from our Brother Steve from the band, Second Sight.

Truly Second Sight

My father passed on this day when I was 19. It was very abrupt, very sudden. (Heart attack working in the hot sun.) Life teaches us lessons in odd ways. My hope is maybe someone will read this & remember/realize how anyone can be taken from us at any time.

People act like life is forever & it simply isn't. So maybe there's someone in your own life right now- a family member, a friend, whomever, that youre maybe a bit at odds with for some reason...some sort of damage to your relationship. Why not take a moment & see about mending things? I'm not saying take someone's abuse or let them walk all over you....only you know the exact scenario & how you feel.

But maybe theres someone in your life in which maybe you need to talk things over or have an "air clearing" session that you've been putting off. Well we dont know how much sand is in the hourglass for any of us so maybe make today the day? Maybe someone doesnt even truly deserve your forgiveness but maybe you can take the higher road anyway? Life is short, friendship matters.... things to think about.

If one person reads this & mends some relationship in their life, maybe my loss isnt all for nothing. & I think Dad would want me to try to make something positive out of it all.... Just think about it. Life is short...friendship matters...

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Hi Steve,
That was a wonderful message of honor and forgiveness you posted today. It takes a lot of courage for a man tho talk about his relationship with his father and reconnection through forgiveness in this culture. Your message is powerful.

Your father is absolutely so proud of you; the man you are today is a direct reflection on what a positive impact he had on your life. We all have memories some pleasant and some not of our friends and family. All of it makes us stronger.

Today your message may heal a broken relatedness; that is powerful. If everyone had your emotional courage, the world would have less conflict.

Stay strong, and thanks again for sharing.

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