Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Harry Potter gets praise from Vatican; UPDATE:2,000 Midnight Shows Already Sold Out Tonight!

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Falcon here with some stunning news: the Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano gave Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince the proverbial two thumbs up, liking the adolescence love as appropriate and that good versus evil as clearly defined. They think it is the best Potter film yet, and they are not alone. The film is receiving high praise from many unexpected corners and the words Oscar nomination are even floating around.

As of 4pm, Movietickets.com reported that 96% of all tickets sales on their site is for HP: HBP! Fandango is selling tickets at an unreal speed per minute. By the end of the day, Harry Potter 6 may be in the all-time top five films opening for these sites.

For those who love attending midnight shows, make sure that there are tickets for your local viewing, otherwise, you may get there and all the tickets could be gone. GO EARLY, and hang out with all the other costumed fans, and stay in groups if you are out late. Don’t go wandering around alone.

Falcon mentioned this awhile ago, and it is time to now mention it again. This film is rated PG, and while the rating doesn’t reflect the caution, as a parent, I WILL!. Children under age 8 who have not read the books may be very surprised and disturbed by some of the content of this film. Personally, I don’t recommend taking a younger child who hasn’t read the books until YOU, the parents have seen the film. I don’t expect a lot of younger children at the midnight showings, but there will be at the matinees tomorrow. Please, talk to the younger children who may be attending with older siblings before they see the film. This goes way beyond the Cedric Diggory scene in Goblet of Fire. Give your children some leave to grieve. Older children may want to see this again, younger children probably shouldn’t for awhile. You know your child best; be the parent, and make the best decision for your child or children.

Falcon hasn’t done a lot of movie review writing this summer for one reason: a lot of them stunk! Those that didn’t will be mentioned in our Fall Film Preview (coming in August), as we begin the consideration for Oscar Season. Personally, Falcon thought some of the summer films were so bad, just mentioning them was more than they deserved…so I didn’t. There have been some great independent films and more to come, and again, we will cover those extensively in August.

This film HP: HBP is a crossroads film for the Potter franchise. With two more films to go (Deathly Hallows parts one and two), it is important with this film to set the tone. Falcon and Dove are doing the midnight thing and will report with a review for tomorrow’s opening day.

In the meantime, get your wands at the ready, House Colors on…enjoy your evening, and be safe.

Falcon and Dove

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