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Memorial Day Weekend: Honoring Ancestors, Family, Friends, Fun!

Hey World Family,
Falcon here, wishing you all a great weekend, and a happy Memorial Day weekend to our U.S. family, and Victoria Day to our Canadian Brothers and Sisters!

There are plenty of things to do this weekend, outdoors and in: movies (Terminator: Salvation opens and is a magnificently terrifying trip), get out to many festivals (eat all those foods you never allow yourself to have the rest of the year, in moderation), get out to the park, pool, or just clean up the yard (like Falcon), and remember what Memorial Day is for: honoring our war dead, and those who served who have passed on. Falcon and Dove honor all ancestors during this period, and we hope you will have some reflective time to do the same.

One important point about this weekend is history. Our holidays frequently honor our history, yet many don’t really know that much about why we honor what we celebrate. Keeping up the places that help remind us of our wonderful, tragic, mournful, and triumphant history is something that goes overlooked frequently. Falcon and Dove love history, so we are going to do our part to support organizations that support education us all on the history that has brought us to where we are...and reminds us to remember the lessons of that past lest we repeat the most challenging lessons our that past due to inattention to those lessons.

Falcon visited the Derry Area Historical Society this week, for a wonderful presentation and screening of Andy McAllister’s important film, Out of the Ground”, which we have told you is an extremely moving and important film. Again, it will be shown as part of the Film and Wine Festival in Johnstown, PA on July 11, and we hope you can come out and see it, meet the director, and have some serious fun!

DAHS is in a wonderful cabin in Derry, PA of course. It is a wonderful trip back into history, and is in great hands with John Matviya. He is warm and thoroughly informed about the history of the region. Get out this summer, visit Pennsylvania and make sure you stop there and say hello. The region is so stunningly beautiful (this is the shire, after all), you may never want to leave. Can get here, but still would like to help out, here is a way to help. Falcon got this fine invitation from John:

357 Pittsburgh Street
P. O. Box 64
New Derry, PA 15671
724 – 694 – 8808

This is the fourth year that our historical society has been able to conduct its business and maintain the historic Fulton House without continual fundraising efforts due to the great success of our Innkeeper Patron program. The “Innkeepers” are a generous group of people and businesses who have each donated $175.00 to cover the monthly costs of running our society during the course of the year. Our 2009 Innkeepers, listed on the back, agreed last year to fund our general operating expenses in 2009 allowing our general membership dues and other donations to go directly into outreach and educational activities in our community. Because of their generosity, the DAHS Board of Directors does not have to waste time worrying about how to pay the utility bills each month!

Our historical society continues to be very active and involved in numerous exciting initiatives. This year we have expanded to the corners of the Derry Area with the relocation of our Family and Community Research Center to the New Alexandria Public Library. The relocation allows us to be open and available to our members and visitors 5 days a week, every week, while freeing up the Fulton House to provide more historical exhibits throughout the warmer season. A separate fund drive, when completed, will fulfill our dream to reconstruct the Fulton House’s fireplace, encouraging better use of that facility in the cooler months.

Without our 2009 Innkeepers none of what we have accomplished could have been undertaken. We sincerely thank them and appreciate their interest in our society’s mission. It is now time to sign up to become one of the 2010 Innkeepers. If you would like to help by being a 2010 Innkeeper, please send your tax-deductable contribution of $175 by June 1st to the address below. If you have questions, please contact me, John Matviya, via email at A fantastic Innkeepers’ Dinner awaits you! Thank you!!
357Pittsburgh St.
P. O. Box 64
New Derry, PA 15671

General meetings are held the fourth Monday of each month at 7:00p.



Has had a fierce week! They have signed with Grape Juice Records, and are recording right now with J. Robbins! There will be a tour, beginning in June! Stay tuned. There are some amazing new pics on their My Space page! Check it out!


They did an amazing Internet live concert performance for two hours and are now immersed in a major tour. Check out their My Space for some additional information:


On May 28th, BROTHER will return to the Waterfest Concert Series at the
Riverside Park in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.
It's been a couple of years since the fellas have played in Oshkosh and the guys say they are looking forward to it.

Keep in touch by visiting the band at, on myspace,
Twitter, and the BROTHER blog.

Billy Sherwood, Tony Kaye, Alan White

TODAY-release of CIRCA : Overflow! These are 7 previously unreleased songs that did not appear on either the debut or on Circa: HQ CD. It is on iTunes now! Search ‘circa overflow’. Sweet!!! BTW, CIRCA :LIVE DVD is also available on iTunes. They do a killer version of the Yes anthem, “The More We Live”.

Rik Emmett

Has been a busy guy: new album coming out with co-troub Dave Dunlop, Push and Pull, available beginning May 26 in CD form (Tuesday), but can be preordered now through Maple Music (, socially networking for new peeps ‘cause he is now on Facebook and Twitter, in addition to the My Space page and his website, There’s a new contest for members and friends. Details on the blog:

Push and Pull harkens like their debut project of Strung-Out Troubadours, and has a similar mix of instrumental and vocalized pieces. One tune, “A Deeper Kind of Blue” appears both as a dueling guitar instrumental and as a p.s. version with Rik’s emotional tenor conclusion. Most of this project is fun stuff, with extremely impressive pieces like “52 Pick Up” and “Red Hot” burning up the axes like only Emmett can. Dave gets a more balanced presentation and the load seems more evenly split on this project, including his surprising lead vocals on “Only Time Will Tell” (original, not an Asia cover; I only mention this because three people have already asked me that question). “Way, Way Kooler (a nod to Way Cool from the late 1990’s Swing Shift) actually is, and “Declaration” seems to be an anthem-like affirmation of daily renewal. “Miracle of Love” is a nice piece that would make a good mainstream rock single, although Falcon has to admit that the version done with Orchard Studios live from Brampton on the Internet broadcast with just Rik and Dave is more favored that the retro background vocals on the studio recording. The first single from this project, “Why, Baby” had been out since December, and it is now joined by these and one more masterpiece, “And The River Still Runs” which thematically has its origins in the same vein as “Dos Arroyos” from the debut Troubs (“Two Streams”, although this piece flows like water or consciousness, depending on your mood) which also brought about the construction of “State of Grace”, from the same project- which was one of the most elegantly constructed songs Emmett has written in his solo career. Overall, Push and Pull should be added to your collection.


I received this message from our Sister Julie, the President and CEO of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network:

You’re making a difference.

Through your continued support, the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network is making progress on several fronts. One of the areas where we have had the most impact is heightening awareness among elected officials about the urgent need to do more about fighting pancreatic cancer. Due to our advocacy efforts, Congress is now considering the first-ever substantive bill regarding the disease: The Pancreatic Cancer Research and Education Act, H.R. 745. This landmark legislation will dedicate more federal funding towards research and finding a cure for pancreatic cancer.

Although we are moving forward, much remains to be accomplished. If you have not already done so, click on this RAISE THE CURE campaign link and make a donation to become a part of finding a cure for pancreatic cancer.
Your contribution to RAISE THE CURE will be put to work on two fronts. You’ll be directly funding more private research to ensure the development of early detection diagnostics, improved therapies, more clinical trials, finding key biomarkers and expanding the scientific understanding of pancreatic cancer. You’ll also help us ensure that Congress passes The Pancreatic Cancer Research and Education Act, H.R. 745. Once enacted and fully funded it will provide a greater focus on this disease and will provide the National Cancer Institute with the tools it needs to develop the diagnostic methods and treatments that are currently lacking for pancreatic cancer patients.

Jai Pausch, the wife of the late Carnegie Mellon University Professor Randy Pausch, PhD, whose fight against pancreatic cancer inspired millions through his book, The Last Lecture, remains committed to our mission. "Through research, patient support and advocacy, the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network and all of its supporters are making a real difference in the lives of pancreatic cancer patients and their families,” she said. “Together, we can raise the cure and make every day matter in the fight against pancreatic cancer."

Please join Jai and support the effort to find a cure. Your generous donation will provide real hope for pancreatic cancer patients and keep progress moving forward in the fight to find a cure.
Best regards,
Jason Kuhn, Board Chair
Julie Fleshman, JD MBA, President and CEO

To donate by phone, please call Pancreatic Cancer Action Network at 877-272-6226

Falcon has to run, it is time to put her talons into the dirt for some serious gardening this weekend (yes, Falcon and Dove prefer our own organic fruits and veggies when we have them). Stay strong, World Family; have a great weekend!

Falcon and Dove

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