Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pittsburgh: Schedule and Closings for Police Officers' Ceremony

Hello World Family,
Falcon is reporting with a heavy heart on the arrangements for the fallen Pittsburgh Police officers gunned down on Saturday, April 4 in a domestic incident. Since so many of you are coming to Pittsburgh from all over the world, I wanted to provide this information to you, and to thank you for the many calls, letters, and conveyance of sympathy that you have sent to us. It is appreciated more than words will ever be able to say.

Falcon and Dove would like to personally offer our condolences to all the family and friends of the fallen officers, and well wishes to the hero officers who survived, and wish them a speedy recovery. Falcon has visited at the funeral homes and offers prayers to you always. We cannot express our grief at your loss strongly enough. We send you our love and our prayers for healing.

Officers Scuillo, Kelly, and Mayhle are lying in state at the City-County Building on Grant Street in downtown Pittsburgh, and will be there from now until 10:30 am tomorrow, Thursday, April 9. Yes, the City-County Building will be open all night to accommodate visitors.


No parking on Grant Street, and traffic is now one lane in each direction on that street

Curb lanes are reserved for police officers

No parking on the Blvd. of the Allies from Grant St. to Commonwealth Place

No parking on Second Ave. from Ross Street to the 10th Street Bridge

During the procession from the City County Building to the Petersen Event Center on the University of Pittsburgh campus in Oakland, roads on the processional route will be closed. The route will follow Grant St. to the train station at the East Busway entrance. From there, it will go along the busway to Oakland and exit at Fifth Ave. and DeSoto, go up the hill and arrive at the Pete. This is a public ceremony and anyone who wants to may attend. It will begin at 1pm.

There may be updates to this post as the evening progresses. Please check back if you need further information, and as always, check the news websites:

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