Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tribal Rock Group BROTHER makes Classic Titles available for Download

Hello World Family,
Falcon, here. One of my favorite rock bands ever is a group from Down Under called BROTHER, who has some of the most intricate, uniquely fierce songs on the world music stage. They have lots of CD's that are strong, but my personal all time favorite has been "Blackstone Tramp". It is now available for download! Please see the notes from BROTHER below:

Blackstone Tramp available again:

A lot of the old cd titles have long been out of print.

Beginning right now with Blackstone Tramp we are going to make those titles available for download.

Angus - "blackstone tramp was the first album we recorded with dalbo, back in '96 when both my brothers were still in the band. we came straight off the road and into the studio. you can feel that energy in the tracks. i'm excited to finally have those old records available again, not just as bootlegs. about bloody time, you say? i'd have to agree."

Order the digital down Blackstone Tramp album or individual tracks at BROTHER's Mongrel Marketplace. Purchase of Blackstone Tramp are processed separately from other Mongrel Marketplace orders.

Let us know what title you'd like to see available next! Email Leila @ leila@BROTHERmusic.com.


For booking & media inquiries: leila@BROTHERmusic.com
For general inquiries: info@BROTHERmusic.com
For merchandise inquiries: merchandise@BROTHERmusic.com
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