Tuesday, March 24, 2009

National Weather Service Statement: Fire Threat

Hello Southwestern PA Family,
The National Weather Service has issued a weather statement warning of a Fire Threat for all of Southwestern PA. NO BURNING, PLEASE! no type of burning is safe right now.

There are southwest winds in the region, bringing warmer temperatures to Pittsburgh and the region, and the relative humidity in the Steel City is a mere 18% (which is almost unheard of; that's more like the humidity in Arizona). This is why the National Weather Service has issued this statement.

Please be careful with matches, lighters, and flammable products, as always. Please do no throw lit cigarettes out of the window while driving; a brush fire could start from that simple, but stupid act. Be vigilant; if you see smoke in a field or forest, please report it immediately.

Be careful and stay strong, Family!
Falcon and Dove

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