Saturday, March 28, 2009

EDT: Earth Hour 8:30-9:30pm Tonight!

Hello Brothers and Sisters,
Today around the globe, people are giving up their energy usage for one hour to demonstrate how much energy we use and can save when we put conscious effort to it.
Earth Hour is a rolling global deliberate brown-out that everyone can participate in by unplugging all unnecessary stuff for one hour. There are many ways to let everyone know what you did afterward by checking in with various sites, including You Tube, Harry Potter Alliance (register by Household), WWF, and many, many environmental organizations. Want to tell us what you did? Email us at:

Our hour time slot is 8:30-9:30 Eastern Daylight Time.

Ideas for your one hour of lights out? could tell stories by candlelight, have a campfire (where safe to do so) and talk about things you want to do this year to save energy, talk about your funniest times when there was a power outage (not miserable or life threatening times), and get to know your friends and family members again through first hand, face-to-face contact. There is something special about looking into the faces of those you care about in natural light, or candlelight. Look in their eyes...and smile, laugh, share, sing, drum, dance, and celebrate. Just have fun!

Peace, World Family,
Falcon and Dove

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