Friday, January 30, 2009

Steelers Nation Visitors to Pittsburgh this Weekend-Important Information

Hello World Family,
Well, it is Super Bowl Weekend, and in case you have been out of the loop, the Pittsburgh Steelers are playing the Arizona Cardinals for the world championship in Tampa, FL. Many loyal Steelers fans that don't live in Pittsburgh are coming here this weekend for the game.

WELCOME! It's great to have you here to celebrate with us!

There are a few things you should know. If you are not used to may have some trouble getting around. Park the car and take buses, the subway, and a taxi.

There are going to be specific streets blocked off for the Super Bowl and the celebration afterward when the Steelers win. Keep track of these closings at the following news websites:

There are Steelers stores at most malls:
Monroeville Mall
The Mall at Robinson
Pittsburgh Mills

You can also get merchandise at

Also, you can go to the Strip District and get great Steelers merchandise at some classic shops.

Eat 'N Park restaurants are serving up black and gold Steelers cookies at any of their locations and on the Internet for shipping. Just Google them and get the address of a restaurant near you.

On Super Bowl Sunday

Many stores and restaurants are closing after 3pm Sunday. Pick up your orders, get groceries, and get your bakery goods before then.

After the Game

Party responsibly, and do not drink alcohol and drive. Pittsburgh Public Schools and Penn Hills School District will have a 2 hour delay on Monday, February 2 (Imbolc, St. Brigit's Day, Groundhog Day).

It is cold and snowy, so dress in layers (many layers of Steelers items is best) so that you don't get overheated indoors, but are appropriately dressed outdoors. Scarves and hats are a must. Saturday and Sunday will be mostly dry, with temperatures moderating into the 30's and maybe 40's on Sunday. MONDAY and into TUESDAY things change.

There is talk about a Noreaster possible overnight into Monday and through early Tuesday for the East Coast. A classic Noreaster will make the coastlines treacherous, but less snow for Pittsburgh. If the front comes up the Appalachian Mountains, well...we could get 6-12 inches in Pittsburgh, and much, much more in the Laurel Mountains and north heading toward Erie. Make your plans with a BIG Plan B incorporated into the mix. If you need to stay a couple of extra days, we will make sure we take care of you here...just relax; don't go out in that terrible weather. This is something we won't have a real good handle on until late Saturday of even early Sunday. We will post updates here, but also check in with the websites listed above as well as The Weather Channel for up to the minute changes.

Thank you, World Family for supporting the Steelers and for hanging out with us for the fun!

We will keep you posted.

Falcon and Dove

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