Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pittsburgh Symphony-Special Performance January 27

Hello Family!

There is a special concert scheduled by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra for January, 27 at 8pm that you must see if you are in the region.

It is called TRIBUTE: A Symphonic Celebration of African American Culture, Daniel Meyer, Conductor. This performance features the Marcus Roberts trio and the Mount Ararat Baptist Church Mass Choir. There is a special jazz combo performance before and after the PSO performance. This concert will conclude with Igor Stravinsky's Suite of the Firebird (If you aren't a classical music fan, but like the group YES, then you have heard this piece open every YES TOUR for the past 40 years, and in honor of that 40 years, we will post a special list...very soon).

The best part: tickets for this event start at a mere $5!!! That is for adults! Bring the kids, bring friends, and have a nice night out of fantastic music in beautiful Heinz Hall.

Falcon and Dove did not want you to miss this incredible opportunity! Contact Heinz Hall at 412-392-4900 or on the web at:

We will post our special YES list, and some OSCAR information later this week!
Stay strong, World Family!

Falcon and Dove

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