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Golden Globe Predictions-Film

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Falcon and Dove hope that you are having a wonderful New Year! Well, the Golden Globes are tomorrow, and if you listened to our podcast, you have an idea of how we are going to vote for our favorites, and how we think the Hollywood Foreign Press did. We didn't cover everything there, though, so without further ado...

Falcon and Dove Golden Globe Predictions 2009

Best Motion Picture-Drama
This is a tough category, but we are going to stick to our favorite here and go with Slumdog Millionaire. The others, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (a high contender and this one may walk away with it), Frost/Nixon, The Reader, and Revolutionary Road are all excellent films with some of our favorite actors in them, but we think Danny Boyle outdid himself this year, and should be rewarded for it. Kate Winslet did a superb job in the last two mentioned, and should be an Oscar nom, no problem.

Best Motion Picture-Comedy
This was a challenging category because the performances in all of these films were so out-of-the-box. It was a tie for us between In Bruges and Burn After Reading. Happy Go-Lucky, Vicki Christina Barcelona and Mamma Mia all had endearing qualities and plenty of laughs...and VCB may actually take this category, but the ensemble casts of our two choices were just too cool, and we think one of them will walk away with the top prize.

Best Actor-Drama
This was an impossible category, but our two choices are Brad Pitt and Sean Penn for Benjamin Button and Milk, respectively. Falcon cannot adequately explain in words how strong all of these men were in their roles this year. Leonardo DiCaprio in Revolutionary Road was outstanding. Frank Langella brought out the balance in the historically complex character that is Richard M. Nixon, (Frost/Nixon) and Mickey Rourke was unbelievably good in The Wrestler. This may be one of the best 5 performances in nomination for the Golden Globes in this category, ever.

Best Actress-Drama
In another extremely competitive category...a tough decision, but we are going with Kristin Scott Thomas in I've Loved You So Long (English title). This was a dynamic, complex character to bring to life on the screen, and Falcon and Dove both hope we see more roles like this for actresses in the future. We think that Anne Hathaway is about to break out and get all the attention she so deserves, and Meryl Streep did a strong, dynamic job in Doubt. We think Angelina is diversifying her resume well with Changeling, and as previously mentioned, Kate Winslet is going to get an Oscar nom this year, we hope. We went with what we thought was the best performance overall, but believe me, it was tough.

Actor-Comedy or Musical
All of these great actors are rarely known for their comedy (except maybe Brendan Gleeson), so this was a tough call, especially since some were in the same films...but we are going for handsome Irishman Colin Farrel in In Bruges. James Franco could easily get this one, but more because of what he did in Milk, than in Pineapple Express. A Best Supporting Actor nomination from the Academy should be coming. Javier Bardem can do anything and nearly does in Vicky Christina Barcelona. I love Dustin Hoffman, and this is a great role for him. He is fearless. IF you can, see all of these films.

Actress-Comedy or Musical
We are going with a probable long shot, but she did such a great job, and does in nearly every film she is in...home-town girl Frances McDormand in Burn After Reading gets our nod. We know that Sally Hawkins or Rebecca Hall are probably going to get this one...but part of Falcon really wishes Emma Thompson would in Last Chance Harvey because I cannot recall a time or a film I have not enjoyed with her presence.

Best Supporting Actor
Okay, we admit it. When we heard the nominations for this category we burst out laughing. We did. All these actors rock, but pitting Robert Downey, Jr. against Ralph Fiennes in the same category didn't seem quite right somehow. So here it is: Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight, hands down. We have one for Ralph Fiennes later in teh Television categories. Philip Seymour Hoffman would have won this if Heath had not delivered his last acting performance this year. PSH: Your Oscar is coming, my friend. Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder? Come on, he was better in Legend.

Best Supporting Actress
This is a tough category, but we are going with Kate Winslet in The Reader.
She plays an extremely emotionally wrenching character and she pulls it off well. Amy Adams and Viola Davis are both in Doubt and do very good jobs. Penelope Cruz rocks in Vicky Christina Barcelona, and Marisa Tomei, is an actress I love, and she is in her element in The Wrestler.

Best Director
This is such a tough category every year, and this year is no exception. I love all of these guys (I wish there were some women) but, in the end...we can choose only one. Falcon and Dove go with Scottish director Danny Boyle for a mind-blowing nearly speechless outstanding job on Slumdog Millionaire. Every human being who can et to a movie theatre should see this film. Falcon doesn't say this lightly. In my adult life, I have only given a couple of films perfect grade "A". That is, films that I thought in every way were flawless from beginning to end. David Fincher did an excellent job on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. This is a strong contender. Ron Howard is always an Oscar favorite, I just don't know if he will win it here at the Golden Globes. Sam Mendes has done a truly strong period piece in "Revolutionary Road", and I hope he gets one Oscar noms as well.

Best Screenplay
Eric Roth gets high props for Benjamin Button. Adapting this F. Scott Fitzgerald story for a three hours film was tremendous. He is our choice for Best Screenplay, but of course, Slumdog Millionaire's Simon Beaufoy is another possibility. Peter Morgan did a fantastic job on Frost/Nixon. John Patrick Shanley took the play of Doubt and put in on the screen well.

Best Foreign Language Film
I've Loved You So Long is our choice for the winner. Waltz With Bashir is also a strong film from Israel. Gomorrah from Italy is impressive. Everlasting Moments from Sweden is incredible. Check this one out. The Baader Meinhof Comlex from Germany we have not seen, but has received excellent reviews.

Best Animated Feature
We are picking Bolt, over Kung-Fu Panda and WALL-E.. All of these were well done, but Bolt has the best spirit and organic angles of the three.

Original Score
This is a tough category. We are going with Alexandre Desplat, for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, , but seriously, all of these noms are excellent contenders. James Newton Howard for Defiance, in particular.

Original Song
Falcon is picking a song from a film that isn't nominated elsewhere, but is really cool: Once in a Lifetime from the film, Cadillac Records. For music lovers, this film rocks, and has some history you may have missed. See it if you can.

We will post the Television division shortly.
Falcon and Dove

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