Sunday, January 18, 2009


Hello World Family,
If you haven't yet heard, the Steelers have won the AFC Championship, and are going to Super Bowl XLlll in Tampa, FL!!! They will be playing the Arizona Cardinals who beat the Philly Eagles earlier today (sorry Eagles, we really wanted it to be a PA Super Bowl outing).

This should be an interesting match-up. Ken Wisenhunt and Russ Grimm used to be assistant coaches with the Steelers, so it should be a good game.

Everyone did such a great job this season! Most of the media did not think with the difficult schedule that the Steelers had that they could do it, but they did, and did it in style.

Santonio Holmes had an incredible run today after an ace pass reception for a touchdown...and Troy! What can I say about the best Strong Safety in the NFL?! He rocks!!!

Troy had several touchdowns after interceptions this year, and not all of them counted in the final statistics (due to referee error), but this one today sure did!
The "O' line did a great job, and the best defense in the NFL did a fantastic job!!!

I wore my special Steelers crocs all season long (the only time I didn't have them was the Eagles game early in the season), and they kept up the good work, and I even wore them this week in the coldest weather in 10 socks. Don't worry! I am the link between Hobbits and Humans, so no worries! My feet are fine! So are the Steelers!

We hope that the injured players all recover quickly. Let's pray for their health, and celebrate the victory!

Great season! Congrats to the AFC Champion Pittsburgh Steelers!Falcon and Dove

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