Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rockin' The Paradise

Hello World Family,
"Tonight's the night we make history...honey, you and I. And I'll take any risk to tie back the hands of time, and stay with you here tonight."
"Dennis DeYoung, Styx, Rockin' the Paradise, Paradise Theatre, 1981

Falcon here. Wow! What an election night here in the U.S., eh? Somehow, in the middle of all the excitement last night, this was the song that popped into my head. After thinking about it, I understand why. Styx was born and breed in the South Side of Chicago (appropriate since that is where President-elect Barack Obama started his community service work) and the song was composed at a time when, under the Reagan administration, many young people were wondering how to change America for the better. Sound familiar?

Falcon and Dove want to congratulate the new first family (yes, there will be a puppy in the White House!) and sincerely pray that now that the election is over, Americans will realize we have a hell of a lot of work to do, and we need to do it together.

I am particularly proud of my home state of Pennsylvania. Obama carried all but 5 counties in the entire state. Unfortunately, those 5 counties he didn't carry surround the greater Pittsburgh area...which gives me pause.

I have a special message for some of the people in those counties:
"Dear neighbor,
I guess you got a lot of those nasty emails about Obama, and read every single one. I wish you would read a newspaper, a book, a noteworthy magazine with the same enthusiasm as you read fear and hate-mongoring emails. If you did, you would know a lot more not only about our national candidates, but our regional and local candidates as well. I can say this with complete confidence because I got those emails, too. (Although I really didn't want to). I understood the mentality of those who create them, but I don't pretend to understand those who spread them.

Those that made them are ignorant individuals whose own self-loathing has become a virus that they cannot even recognise in themselves anymore. Those that spread them I cannot fathom. I do know one thing: there are only two real emotions in the universe (the rest are partial manifestations of these): LOVE and FEAR. I would suppose that those who penned these vile vommitous masses would fall into the latter catagory, since love clearly has nothing to do with it.

Do you really think that your values are unique or separate from those of anyone else? Do you really live in a different America? Do you really only identify with Joe and Plumber, and not Maya Angelou? If so, then this may be a very difficult period for you. As Bob Dylan would say, the times they are a changin' and it is time for those hanging on to immature perspectives and hateful rhetoric to grow the hell up.

I don't know what will happen tomorrow, but I do know one thing: America will not go backwards. The paradigm has shifted and minds will only move forward no matter how rewarding or challenging. I hope that your mind joins the party. Don't be proverbially dragged, kicking and screming like an infant having a temper tantrum to revelation of change and growth. It really is for the best, even in the worst of times. No one said it will be easy, but it

The First Commandment is to Love They Neighbor, as Theyself...don't forget the last part, dear neighbor. We are all in this together, so let's work together to make things better for all of us.
Your Neighborhors that Love You"

Brothers and Sisters, I was actually going to close this post talking about how proud I am to be an American at this time in hour history. I was going to mention that Obama and I are the same age, have daughters, and sincere hope for their future. I still want to emphasize that...but I think I am going to change my original plans for song lyrics to quote. I was going to post the lyrics to"Rockin'the Paradise" (Paradise referring to America in the song; Styx did this a lot, also see Suite: Madame Blue on the Equinox album). Those of you who don't know the song, you can go look up the lyrics and/or listen to the piece. It is very poinant to the entire American landscape right now. However, the song lyrics I am going to leave you with are from the Progressive Rock supergroup, YES. This was not their most popular song, but in this post-election environment, I feel it is the most important. It is probably one of my most favorite songs ever written by anyone, anywhere. It is a song of hope, affirmation, resolution...and release.

The More We Live
Verse One

You and I can change the world;

The more we live, the more we learn, the more we know.

From this moment on we share the world;

The more we give, the more we love, the more we grow.

The spirit of imagination can lead us through the dark;

The more we see, the more we try, the more we show.

The evidence of our confusion, life has left its mark;

The more we fear, the more we lie, the more we hide.

As we walk into tomorrow

(Turning away from the path we know)

Holding the future with our hands

(We carry the weight of the world we go)

It's up to you and I -- We hold the key; we hold the answers

Verse Two

All our thoughts of doubt and fear are leaving one by one

The more we live, the more we learn, the more we know.

For each of us the road is clear and life has just begun;

The more we give, the more we love, the more we grow.

Each time we reach for goals we set for ourselves,

The more we fear, the more we lie, the more we hide.

All we need is just to believe in ourselves;

We face the truth, we see it clear, with no disguise.

Cast away our doubt and sorrow

(Turning away from the past we know)

The Universe at our command

(Sharing the fate of the world we grow)

Together you and I, we hold the key to all the answers

(All the answers)

Let go...

(Chris Squire)
From the album, Union, 1991.

Today we move forward, World Family. Let's remind ourselves that there is no 'box' and our 'outside thinking' (thinking outside the box) is really reality shifting. Keep praying, and while we pray...move our feet.

Falcon and Dove

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