Monday, September 8, 2008

Conventions are over-Register to VOTE!

Hello World Family,
Falcon, here. Now that the Democratic and Republican conventions are over Falcon and Dove have a challenge for every single American eligible to vote: register and then do it!

Many people in the world would like an opportunity for democratic process the way Americans have, and many take it for granted. Get up off the couch, put the remote down, drop the Wii for awhile and do your duty by registering to

If you know that you will be away during the November 4 election, apply for your Absentee Ballot now. Many states have different rules about how and when to do it, so check into what you need to do and do it this week, Americans!

For Falcon and Dove Family around the world, if you have an opportunity to vote for your political leaders then we suggest you do so. Many of you will have a much greater challenge in casting a vote that our American brothers and sisters, but we encourage you to do it anyway. We know that you are brave, and we respect the risk you take to speak your mind. Your courage will inspire others and literally change the course of your country's history. Thank you for your strength and tenacity of spirit.

VOTE! Make a real difference.
Falcon and Dove

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