Monday, June 9, 2008

These Black Labs Need Good Homes

Hello Everyone!
We hope everyone is doing well! Today, we are here to talk about those near and dear to Falcon and Dove's heart: the Black Labrador Retriever.

We have one that we absolutely adore, who went out on an unexpected walkabout over Memorial Day weekend, and drove us to tears. Falcon printed posters and hung them everywhere, checked into the police, fire, and animal control agencies, and of course, all the shelters. One tool that made a HUGE difference was the use of Find Falcon used the website and chose to have a pre-recorded phone message sent to all my neighbors. Find Toto is not subject to the Do-Not-Call List, so the calls go through to everyone that can get the message. As a result, the entire neighborhood was involved and supportive. Kids on bicycles helped me with the search, and some nice firefighters went out to search after Falcon had been up for about 30 hours. He was found by a wonderful, but anonomous individual, and safely returned. On the search, there were two other missing dogs, returned to their families quickly.

Falcon and Dove want to give massive props to everyone who helped and to
You completely rock!

Our friends at Washington County Humane sent out a newsletter today full of Black Labs who need new homes. Here is the link:
If you are in Eastern Ohio, Western PA, Northern West Virginia, or Western Maryland, and interested in a beautiful, loyal, friendly dog, please check out these playful pups!

To all those of you who dedicate your time, job, and lives to bettering the quality of life for animals: kudos to you!

Falcon and Dove

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