Monday, April 14, 2008

Support Washington (County) PA Area Humane

Hello Everyone!
Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 15, The Washington Area (Washington County, PA) Humane Society will receive their Zootoo visit for consideration for the $1 Million Makeover! If you are in the area, stop by and lend support to this awesome no-kill shelter! Bring a sign, volunteer, cheer...whatever you can. I am sure they wouldn't mind if you brought a donation or two;)

You can help by going to, registering, and writing reviews, submitting photos, etc. They are in first place, so we here at Falcon and Dove want to help them win the makeover of their (and their animals') dreams! Please help them...they do so much for so many! Here's some important information below:

1527 Route 136

Eighty Four , PA 15330

Phone: 724-222-7387

The Washington Area Humane Society (WAHS) is a no-kill shelter, funded solely by private contributions. Our shelter takes in as many as 4,000 animals annually and investigates an average of 800 abuse complaints per year.

Our Mission is to:
• provide shelter, safety and food for the orphaned and abused animals of Washington County with the goal of placing them in loving homes;

• provide public education about the humane care and treatment of animals;

• provide affordable veterinary outpatient services including spaying or neutering; and

• investigate and resolve abuse cases in the best interests of the animal and community.

We do not euthanize animals to make room for other animals. We pride ourselves on giving every animal a second, even third chance at a loving permanent home regardless of age or medical condition. Our only exceptions are those cases where "quality of life" is severely affected and for cases of public safety. We would not knowingly allow an animal to suffer nor pose a safety risk to the community.

We need dedicated volunteers and your economic help to continue to operate. Every donation counts.

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