Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Priceless Music Collection on Auction at Ebay!

Hello Everyone!
This is Falcon, letting those of you who have money burn about an extraordinary opportunity. Paul Mawhinney of Record Rama is selling over 3 million albums and CD's of his collection. Paul, an awesome music master has been in this business for a long time, and once drew attention from the Library of Congress for his exceptional collection. He is ready to retire, after years of sharing his passion and deep love for music with the world.

The collection is up for grabs on Ebay, and the deadline is 6pm on Feb. 21, 2008! Bid now!!!! Come on, Mr. Gates (who will be in Pittsburgh Thursday), come on classic collectors...come on Tiger Woods! Buy this collection and make it available to the world! There is music that shouldn't be lost or fogotten. I have been in his archives and amazing doesn't begin to describe it!

Pass the word around. If you can afford it, don't let it pass you by...

Good luck, Paul! You and your fantastic family deserve the best, always.
Thanks for sharing the love of music to thousands like me over the years.
You completely rock!

Peace, family
Falcon and Dove

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