Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sorry, more delays...

Hi guys! I apologize for the lack of news this week. Unfortunately, we're afraid Episode 29 of The Falcon and the Dove will be delayed until at least Monday. We're just as disappointed as you all probably are. With the big storms last week coupled with our already saturated schedule, we just have not been able to find, nor make the time.

I'm also heading to college in two weeks, which has added tremendously to our to-do list. We highly respect all of our listeners, and are dedicated to bringing you valuable information and as well as entertainment. Hopefully, once things settle down with all of the college plans, there will not be so many delays, which annoy us to no end. We hope that you will bear with us. Once again, our sincerest apologies, and we invite you to please listen to and enjoy the previous episodes of our podcast in the meantime.

We hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer!

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