Sunday, July 8, 2007

TFATD 24: Live Earth and GreenFest 7-7-07!

Episode 24 of The Falcon and the Dove: Live Earth and GreenFest 7-7-07! It's our Live Earth show! On 7/7/07, we spent our day at the Carnegie Science Center for GreenFest 2007! This is why the podcast is one day late this week; we wanted to do a special Live Earth show! We interviewed the many green companies who were in attendance about all of the exciting things that each is doing to help stop the climate crisis! Enjoy!

- Overview
- 'Green Illusionist', Dan Kuniak, conducted a 'green' magic show, teaching the eager audience about how to recycle and contribute to the betterment of our environment.
- We interview a representative of the Robert A. Macosky Center at Slippery Rock University at his solar panel booth!
- We talk to a representative from Toyota who discusses three Hybrid cars, the Prius, the Camry, and the Highlander (a Hybrid SUV!).
- We discuss educational river tours with 3 people from RiverQuest! We go on one of these tours later in the day along the Allegheny River! It was awesome! Call RiverQuest at (412)-231-2712.
- We hear from the people of PPG and their current green projects, from silica tires, to 'green' paint, to auto glass that reduces the temperature in your car!
- We talk with United States Steel and what they are doing with regards to recycling steel. 100% of their steel gets recycled!!!
- The Carnegie Science Center is holding their annual SciTech Spectacular, as well as the Creating Awareness and Understanding of our Surrounding Environment (C.A.U.S.E.) Challenge (the environmental film festival that our very own Areya Simmons won 2 awards from!)!
- Dove stops briefly to check out the Buhl Digital Dome, where the concerts and short films of Live Earth are being fed into the gigantic dome-shaped screen!
- We talk with a representative from Clean Water Action ( ( to learn that they have removed 90% OF MERCURY FROM THEIR WATER!
- Finally, we talk with Kristy from Anderson Windows and Doors, where we learn about Anderson's Renewal program, the special materials in their windows and doors, and what they're doing to recycle!

Download Episode 24 Here! (Length: 1 hour, 15 minutes; Size: 68.6 MB)

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