Sunday, June 3, 2007

TFATD 19: Baby Geniuses, Nessie, and HP Galore

Episode 19 of The Falcon and the Dove: Baby Geniuses, Nessie, and HP Galore. In this week's COMPLETELY jam-packed episode (I know, they're getting longer), we discuss smart babies, puppies, bees, the return of Nessie, movies, a Harry Potter theme park, and sooooooo much more!!! Enjoy!

- Overview
- Babies give scientists AMAZING insights! They are a lot smarter than we think they are.
- A fallen soldier's family get a puppy from Iraq adopted by their son the day before his death.
- A swarm of 20,000 bees off of the coast of Bournemouth gets caught in a plane's engine and delays it for 11 hours.
- A breakthrough in treating H5N1 (Avian Bird Flu) has been found in Bird Flu survivors' blood.
- The Loch Ness Monster (Nessie) has again been caught on tape!
- A 1,200 lb hog was hunted in Alabama. The family found out later that the hog was someone's pet sold 4 days before the hunt.
- Cannes Film Festival Palm d'Or winners and others.
- Venus Williams breaks the record for the fastest tennis serve ever!
- Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will be released two days earlier in the U.S. and Canada; July 11th instead!
- Universal has announced that a Harry Potter theme park called 'The Wizarding World of Harry Potter' will open in 2009 at Islands of Adventure!
- In even MORE Harry Potter news, the woman in Georgia who has been trying to get the books banned fails a fourth time! Fans rejoice.
- We give our review of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End!
- The Quote of the Week. Reading minds.

Download Episode 19 Here! (Length: 1 hour, 34 minutes; Size: 86.6 MB)

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