Thursday, May 3, 2007

Environmental Road Trip to Launch in Light of Global Warming

Starting this Sunday, the day Episode 15 of our podcast (The Falcon and the Dove) is released, we will start having more interviews with people of certain interests!

This week, we interviewed Mark Dixon, one of three people who are going on an 'environmental road trip' together across the country to all 50 states to see what each state is doing for the environment, in light of global warming. Mark and his partners will launch this very special road trip on July 4th, 2007, and will be on the road for one year. They will also be video recording the experience every step of the way while traveling in an environmentally-friendly fashion. Also, we intend to follow-up on this road trip, posting on this site as well as on AreyaSimmons.Com when Mark has posted a new video!

Learn more about Mark, Julie, and Ben's road trip at their website at YourEnvironmentalRoadTrip.Com (YERT), and look out for our interview with Mark Dixon in Episode 15 of The Falcon and the Dove this Sunday, May 6th!

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