Saturday, April 14, 2007

TFATD 12: Invisibility, Memories, and the Summer of Sevens

The Falcon and the Dove 12: Invisibility, Memories, and the Summer of Sevens is NOW LIVE!!! This week was a huge week for news, and we think we got to most of it! As you have probably noticed, two news articles were posted before this episode. This is a new thing that we will do with news articles that we may not get to cover in the show. That way, you will be able to learn about the news that we feature, even if it isn't on the show. Enjoy!

Episode 12 of The Falcon and the Dove: Invisibility, Memories, and the Summer of Sevens. This week, we tackle the Don Imus controversy, summer events, cloaking devices, memory-modification pills, and much more! Enjoy!

- Overview.
- FOLLOWUP: 650,000 pets may have been infected by contaminated pet food.
- Radio show host Don Imus gets 2-week suspension for racial and sexual comments against the Rutgers Women's Basketball Team, and is later fired.
- FOLLOWUP: Live Earth (massive global warming rally) concert venues announced! Tickets go on sale April 16th, 2007! The event is on 7/7/07!
- Scholastic launches their publicity campaign for the seventh Harry Potter book, ‘There Will Soon Be 7’, which includes the Knight Bus Tour to 37 lucky libraries!
- Google joins with The National Holocaust Museum to create a site using Google Earth that shows the destroyed villages and personal stories in Darfur, Sudan (a country the size of Texas).
- Author Kurt Vonnegut dies at age 84.
- Water has been detected on a planet outside of our solar system for the first time. It's official: there is life on other planets.
- Scientists get £1 million grant to invent an 'invisibility cloak'.
- A study has been conducted about a pill which could alter or erase traumatic memories. Is it safe and is it wise?
- The Quote of the Week: Endurance.

Download Episode 12 Here! (Length: 1 hour, 7 minutes; Size: 62 MB)


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