Saturday, April 7, 2007

TFATD 11: Fears, Flares, and Birthdays

The Falcon and the Dove 11: Fears, Flares, and Birthdays is NOW LIVE!!! We made up for our short episode last week with a particularly long one this week (but not necessarily intentionally)! You're going to love it!

Episode 11 of The Falcon and the Dove: Fears, Flares, and Birthdays. In this much longer episode, we discuss dog food, birthdays, climate change, brain parasites, solar flares, and much more!

- Overview.
- April 5th was Areya Simmons' (Dove's) birthday!!!! We also made some new friends during the party!
- FOLLOWUP: The pet food recall widens to include dog biscuits. Is it just much wiser to make your own food for your pet?
- MOVIES: Our personal review of 'The Last Mimzy'! Two thumbs up!!
- HEALTH: If your baby does not respond to his/her name, could it be an early sign of autism?
- CLIMATE CHANGE: Experts issue a new global climate change warning, not to be ignored!
- A brain parasite precisely alters certain fears. Could this explain the 'unreasonable phobias' that reside in some people?
- MONEY: Federal SEOG guidelines. Make sure your student gets his/her money.
- Solar flare superstorms in 2011 could greatly disturb GPS, power grids, and more.
- The Quote of the Week: Governments and environments.
Download Episode 11 Here! (Length: 1 hour, 26 minutes; Size: 79.3 MB)



mcewen said...

Yup and it's Autism Awareness Month too, so thanks for the post.
Best wishes

Areya Simmons said...

Thank you! We do our best to get to the important issues that mean the most to our listeners. Thanks for the feedback!

- Areya (Dove)