Monday, October 19, 2009

New Music Releases that are Must-Haves for Rocktober

Hello World Family,
It’s that time of year: time to look at the best of the best in music and film…and maybe even a few television shows, since some of the new stuff isn’t too bad;)

There are some great releases this fall, and Falcon and Dove have listened to the following ones intently and feel strongly that your music collection would feel bad without these strong tunes in your library.

11: 11-Rodrigo y Gabriel1a

If for some reason you don’t know who these two powerhouse guitarists are, go to their website, My Space, You Tube…Conan O’Brian…anywhere, and check them out.
This album is tremendous. Each song on the CD is dedicated to the guitar style of someone who inspired them in the past. It is a mighty project. “Buster Voodoo” is sweet and was performed on The Tonight Show a few days back. It was inspired by the genius that was Jimi Hendrix, probably the greatest guitarist that has ever lived. Their humble dedication continues with songs inspired by composers like Jorge Reyes to John McLaughlin, to Pink Floyd. “Hanuman” is a strong favorite, and gives kudos to Carlos Santana, one of Falcon’s personal favorites for its inspiration.

1 – ‘Hanuman’ – inspired by Carlos Santana
2 – ‘Buster Voodoo’ – inspired by Jimi Hendrix
3 – ‘Triveni’ – inspired by Israeli Oud three-piece Le Trio Joubran
4 – ‘Logos’ – inspired by jazz-rock master Al Di Meola

6 – ‘Master Maqui’ – inspired by Spanish guitar legend Paco De Lucia
7 – ‘Savitri’ – inspired by John McLaughlin and Zakir Hussian’s ground breaking 1970’s world fusion ensemble Shakti
8 – ‘Hora Zero’ – inspired by Argentine tango composer and bandoneon virtuoso Astor Piazzola
9 – ‘Chac Mool’ – inspired by Jorge Reyes, the Mexican composer who
10 – ‘Atman’ – inspired by Dimebag Darrell, never to be forgotten lead guitarist in Pantera and Damageplan, who was tragically murdered onstage in 2004.
11 – ’11:11’ – inspired by Pink Floyd.

Peter Janson: Compass Rose

Beautiful, powerful, melodic and sensual, Compass Rose is one of my favorite releases of the year. This project is up for Grammy consideration, as well it should be-Peter demonstrates why he is one of the most articulate and influential acoustic guitarists of our time with a CD that has modern influences with classical approaches, contemporary work with Celtic teeth and powerful imagery. He is a joy to see live on his Tippin Guitars. One my favorite tracks is “Sligo Creek” which holds a local point of affection, as there is a Sligo in Pennsylvania; this work has that green, lush mountain feel that you would sense here or in stringed soul and easygoing rhythms that are infused with a transportable flair. Want to hear some? Check out his website:

Beecake: Soul Swimming

Glorious Scottish roots, extremely strong songwriting, and the beautiful tenor of Billy Boyd (yes, Pippin from “The Lord of the Rings”, also in “Trainspotting” among other Glaswegian films). What more could you ask for? “Soul Swimming”, the title track of the new Beecake project (the long wait is over) is a powerful combination of melodies and styles. The band is solid as are the tunes. There isn’t a weak song on the CD. What kind of style, you ask? Well, it’s mixed. If you enjoy the music of The Beatles, Alan Parsons Project, early Genesis, and even some edgy stuff like LIVE, Nine Inch Nails, and Pearl Jam, you will probably love this CD. Boyd wrote every song (and co-wrote “Radio” with bassist Rick Martin), and it shows his range not only vocally, which is outstanding, but also his thematic attractions.

Falcon’s personal favorites include the Alan Parson-esque “Lost Direction” including Billy on harmonica, the profoundly brash and stinging “Radio” that questions the capitalist culture, and my favorite, “This is Not an Exit”, a pro-environment, anti-stupid, introspective examination of what makes us collectively queasy. “Rip It Up” has some of the strongest vocal stylizations on the project, there’s a little Dean Martin on the track “Friends and Lovers” and “Boy” may be in the top ten for most emotional songs ever written, examining a parent’s emotional turmoil after their adult child dies in war.

There are videos on You Tube of Beecake and on My Space:

Beecake is wonderful to see live. I was extremely lucky to see them at Tin Angel in Philadelphia, (where I got some lovely birthday gifts) a fantastic venue with yummy food (especially the tuna!). I have to say that I am working my way through their menu, and although half-way there, I have many more dinners to enjoy and awhile before I can get through their wonderful offerings.

No Look Escape

This band out of southern California has some strong chops in the Alternative Rock genre. The self titled project has some nice tunes with varied instrumental approaches and great vocals. Charlie has a clear, sincere voice, nice range, clean delivery. My favorite song from this project is “I’ll Be There” which has some serious R&B kinda Rockabilly thing going there. “Stand” is a stokin’ rock affirmation that will get you moving; check out the melodic “Home” a modern ballad with a classic feel. This project is available on iTunes.
Check them out on My Space:

I have not had the honor of seeing this group live, but would love to in the near future.

What I am getting in the next few weeks:

A couple of new CD’s and some classics:

Lita Ford-Wicked Wonderland
Cliudan-The Fair
Brother-the first CD “Pipe Dreams” is now available for download. This project has some brilliant songs, including their exceptional version of “Amazing Grace”.

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